Topkids Lynmore Takes Part in Tykes on Trikes

20 Feb 2015

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Mikyla from Topkids Lynmore was recently featured on one of the Rotorua newspapers. Read below the full article:

For Mikyla Toc, riding through the ribbons on the finish line rated as her favourite part of the Tykes on Trikes course. The Rotorua 4-year-old was one of almost 300 under 5s who, yesterday, took to the track on the Village Green in their own event. Tykes on Trikes, as part of the Rotorua Bike Festival.

Mikyla said her favourite part was going through the finish line and riding with her friends from Topkids Lynmore. She said the jumps on the course “were okay”.┬áMum Julia said Mikyla had loved riding her bike and was looking forward to the event “She was really excited”.

Fellow daycare mate Blake Fraser, 4, said his favourite part was racing with his friends and doing jumps. With three older brothers to watch and learn from, he’d been riding without trainer wheels since he was just 2 years old, dad Kyle said.

Teacher Tere Piua from Rotorua School for Young Parents Childcare Centre said they attended with five of their 4-year-olds as a celebration as one of the children was celebrating his birthday.

Sport Bay of Plenty early childhood team leader Kirsty Carling said 272 children registered to take part, which had been running for about seven years. “There are very few events for under 5s so it’s really important for them.