Toddlers interest in music

16 May 2019

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At TopKids Virginia we follow children's interests and plan programmes around it. Recently in the toddler rooms the children started to show an nterest in music which led the teachers to plan different learning experiences in music all through the day. As part of the programme planning, the teachers planned a dance session last week for the children where the teachers took the lead, and all the children followed and had lots of fun and learning together. During the process, children learnt to follow the music, dance to it and choose their dress-ups for the dance.

The teachers took this as an opportunity to play music from different cultures and the children were able to recognise the music from their cultures and enjoyed the session. One of our grandparents was also involved in the dance session and expressed her joy and happiness about being involved in the programme for the children. We encourage all parents/whanau to share their cultural music with us so that we can play it and make the children feel comfortable, confident and feel a belonging to the place and the environment.