Tiriti o Waitangi

18 Feb 2019

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Here at BestStart Montessori Taradale, we celebrate and acknowledge Tiriti o Waitangi in different ways in order to make it relevant to our two age groups.  In the 0-3 casa, we have been exploring Māoritanga concepts with our whanau to broaden their understandings of how these look and how we use these for teaching the tamariki with a Montessori lens.  The examples we focused on were kaitiakitanga, tuakana teina and whanaungatanga.  For our younger children, these are all relevant to building authentic, loving and peaceful relationships with the people and environment around to us, which will enable these special people to become future guardians of our precious earth.

For the older tamariki in the 3-6 casa, they updated their classroom treaty which the children put their mark on (fingerprint) to show they all agreed with and would abide by the behaviours stated within in the treaty, thus creating a living document for the whole group.  Their new Treaty is proudly displayed on the foyer where the tamariki can show their whanau how they were part of this special celebration.