Support and Mentoring at BestStart

04 Dec 2018

Support and Mentoring at BestStart

This week we were lucky enough to hear from one of our amazing Teachers, Tagi Ewens about the support and mentoring she has received as a Provisionally Certified Teacher at BestStart. Tagi began her journey with us as a Reliever and completed her studies in October 2016 when a position for BestStart Tawa South Infants room became available.

“My Head Teacher/Centre Manager and Professional Services Manager have been my support team and mentors for my registration. I have so much respect for each one. Their knowledge, guidance and encouragement inspired me to broaden and challenge my own ideas as a teacher, to look at these concepts from different perspectives to develop and improve my teaching practice and knowledge. The monthly meetings were a plus. These were full of open discussions and sharing ideas, setting goals to better my teacher practice and the process in how I can achieve these. My proudest moment is graduating with my teaching degree (48 years old) and soon my registration.

I enjoy working for BestStart. The company offers opportunities for teachers to grow. They support you through your registration and the communication channels are always open at every level. Professional development sessions are always available for you to attend which inspires and motivates you to become better as a teacher, these also enable you to meet other teachers and learn alongside them. There is never a boring day at BestStart. You are learning every day in becoming a better teacher, a better role model and a better person.”

Well done Tagi, we think you are a real Star!