School holidays at ABC Papamoa

01 Feb 2019

School holidays at ABC Papamoa
1548983166boysten sirat hartaj anru frog laniah hair 050.JPG
1548983169rainbow frog mANSEERAT TAPIKI AKAAL MUDDY PUDDLE 051.JPG
1548983169sirat paper making 050.JPG
1548983169sirat paper making 064.JPG

We have done trips to the park, school, library and supermarket. We've worked on our resource wise programme making recycled paper and recycled toys.  We followed our healthy heart programme when the children created a healthy breakfast and then we did eat a rainbow, counting how many colours we ate in a day.  We also now have several hairdressers in training after our crazy hat/ hair day.  The children have all been so involved sharing ideas, taking on responsibilities and experimenting with the new things on offer.