Ready for school and beyond!

28 Feb 2019


Here in team Taranaki at BestStart Mangorei we provide children with daily opportunities to become school ready.  This is integrated throughout the curriculum in so many ways. Art experiences, where children learn to use scissors, scribble, draw and make marks, are is an important pre-writing skills where children gain control of their muscles, learn a pincer grip and use their fingers independently of each other.

Another area of learning to be school ready is seen in the climbing, jumping and swinging experiences that we provide.  Strong arm and body muscles to sit up and write, and crossing the midline with their arms and legs are important for their co-ordination, problem solving skills and brain development. 

We encourage children to use their self-help skills through looking after themselves, each other and the world, linking strongly to our vision of making the world a better place. This is currently visible in the children’s interests in bugs, insects, native wildlife and caring for our garden.  Becoming increasingly independent through carrying their own bags, finding their names, keeping their belongings in the correct place are all part of our be school ready programme. This is an important element of school where they are required to dress, toilet, eat and manage themselves independently. 

Our tamariki also have a strong focus of caring, and we recognise this through caring for one another, ourselves and the environment.  Children are encouraged to take on challenges with support from other peers or Kaiako, and work through problems to find a solution. Even a mistake is an opportunity to learn! In this way children appreciate their own ability to learn, and when reaching school and an unfamiliar task, have the self-belief to try something new without fear of failure. 

Lunchbox day is a time where children learn how to pace their food intake over the period of the day, open a lunchbox and, while we are ‘wrap free’ just as schools are heading, there are still containers to contend with and beeswax wraps that can take a bit of practice in wrapping and re wrapping, along with the not so simple task of getting the lunchbox back into your school bag!!

With the skills that our tamariki learn in team Taranaki – preschool room at Best Start Mangorei, they becoming well and truly ready for school, and beyond!!