Our Local Community Trip: Walk to Mt Hobson

20 Feb 2019

1553038301Group picnic (Large).JPG
1553038302Having a drink on Mt Hobson (Large).JPG
1553038302Having fun with friends on Mt Hobson (Large).JPG
1553038302More rolling down the mountain (Large).JPG
1553038302Resting on the side of Mt Hobson (Large).JPG
1553038302Rolling down the mountain (Large).JPG
1553038303Running down Mt Hobson (Large).JPG
1553038303Walking across the bridge (Large).JPG
1553038303What can we see sitting here in the sunshine ... (Large).JPG
1553038303Who would like a cracker (Large).JPG

On Wednesday 20 February 2019, the Kiwi Room tamariki walked to Mt Hobson, in our local community, had time to have a snack, a drink and time to explore the mountain. The ran around and up and down the maunga/mountain, rolled down the hill, talked about the environment and what they could see. It was great to see the children outside the centre in a natural setting, where they were free to explore their surroundings and have a great time!