Lunar New Year at BestStart Roydvale

20 Feb 2019

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Everyone had a fun week recognising and celebrating the Lunar New Year, in different ways this year. One of our creative teachers Shan Shan organised with the Qioa Yi Hong De Lion Dance Team Christchurch, to hire their very special drum and lion costume. What a hit these were. Sparking questions from curious minds and making some great beats that could be heard from most parts of the centre.

We invited whanau to share morning tea with us. Shan Shan explained some of the traditions families have during this time of the year and why families celebrate the Lunar New Year. The children also got to watch a short video clip on Lion costumes (like the one we hired) and dragon costumes being paraded at a festival.

The children were very lucky to have the opportunity to carefully take turns playing the drum and wearing the lion costume. We have children who identify with a range of cultures in our centre. The different opportunities we offered during this special time for our families (The Lunar New Year) built children’s sense of mana and belonging. Everyone also extended their knowledge about the Lunar New Year with and alongside others.