Learning how to write their names

21 May 2019

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1558565232Learning to write letters.JPG

On a quiet afternoon while the little ones were sleeping some of our older children at BestStart Tory Street wanted to do some writing. We have made literacy books for most of the tamariki who are showing an interest to write letters.

 A group of children took their literacy books out and started writing letters. One of teachers noticed that children write their names in uppercase. She demonstrated how and where we use uppercase letters and how to write lower case letters. Some of them were very excited to write lowercase letters and they found it easy. They practiced writing their names again and again. They found it interesting and shared how they write names and showing it to each other.

 It is great to see that children initiate these learning experience and enjoying learning alongside each other.  And the teachers are always there to assist them and to extend their interests.