Creative construction at ABC Papamoa

24 May 2019

Creative construction at ABC Papamoa
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We have seen some deeply engaged children creating big construction in group and individual contexts and to foster and extend this we are aiming to provide more loose part items. Loose part items are things that are open ended, have no specific purpose but can be purposeful for anything the imagination can come up with. We prefer the loose parts to be natural or recycled items but we are open to anything! 

We have started by asking the community for cable reels, wooden planks, tyres, a few pallets and kiwi fruit bins. We have had a great response, special thanks goes out to Ben Pollard from RZG, who came to the party with some cable reels which the children have been very excited about!
If there’s anything you can think of which would be cool to contribute to our project, feel free to bring it in  to ABC Papamoa or come and speak to a teacher! 

This project connects wonderfully to our early childhood curriculum Te Whariki’s strand Exploration. Our goal for our tamariki is that our children learn strategies for active exploration, thinking, problem solving and reasoning. Throughout this project the learning outcome will be that our ABC tamariki use a range of strategies to connect with the community, challenge themselves, be creative with recycling and find joy in leading a sustainable life!
We can’t wait to see where the children take this!