Centre Learning & Adventure

13 Jun 2014

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Every day at centres all over the country children are doing exciting and interesting things as teachers develop their interests.  Below are a wonderful range of stories showing the learning adventures happening at some of our centres as told by the centre managers.

Tyler from ABC Mayfield in Blenheim bought in a big book about tractors. Children are always making cars and trucks out of blocks and the mobilo. So we organised a trip to see the big tractors at Gordon Handy Machinery. We set off walking and noticed the cars driving, people walking,  scooters and bikes. The children were able to climb the tractors and learn how they worked. This allowed the children to explore early mathematics concepts, such as size and comparison, and literacy and science concepts as we talked about colours, names, and the roles of different types of tractors.

Some of the children at ABC Botany wanted to be princesses for the day. They couldn’t find enough dress so they asked their teacher Melissa if they could make their own.  Using  different coloured dyed with cotton balls and pegs, bright and beautiful dresses were made. The children added different materials and accessories to complete the look.  Pictured are the children proudly showing off their creations.

Children  at ABC Palmerston North are interested in stockcars, so Jamie took six of our most enthusiastic boys to visit Levin to see her Dad’s garage and his stockcar. The children all took turns sitting in the stockcar pretending to drive it. Jamie talked to the children about the different parts of the stockcar and what they do. The children were able to try the racing gear on while we explained the safety aspects of each piece.

The children at Community Kindy Te Rapa put on their special kindy jackets for a trip to the Racecourse. We counted cars and saw many different shapes and sizes of vehicles.  Along the way we collected beautiful autumn leaves and pine cones of to use in our our collage areas. collage areas.