All about Geckos

28 May 2019


At BestStart Inglewood we live our centre vision everyday -  ‘Nurturing our Neighbourhood'. This month we've been learning about the different types of animals in our community and how can look after them and keep them safe.  

We were very excited to have Jill visit our centre with some of the animals that she cares for.  Jill is a registered gecko breeder and she brought in some native geckos for our tamariki to see and learn about.  The tamariki were able to observe a couple of different types of geckos, touch some sloughed skin, learn about what they eat and discover why they were so slow moving. 

Through this experience the tamariki also learnt more about our heritage as New Zealanders as well some of the things we can do to care for wild gecko’s such as creating habitats for them in our gardens.  Thanks Jill we really appreciate the work you are doing for our native geckos and our community.