Alecia's teacher registration experience

03 Dec 2018


We are lucky to have Alecia share with us her experience within teacher registration at BestStart!

"I have recently completed my teacher registration working alongside my Professional Services Manager. I have loved having someone to bounce ideas off and to encourage me to think outside the square. Initially when I looked at all the work that needed to be done, I felt overwhelmed and thought I would never get there. It has been fantastic having a supportive team behind me to encourage me and helped to explain all the jargon.  

When I started focusing on my registration bit by bit rather than the whole process, I began to develop a deeper understanding of how all the criteria interweave. Through completing the appraisal process you are basically covering all the criteria for registration. So, this for me was a huge relief as I began to work smarter rather than harder and doing double the work.

This process has been so worthwhile and I am so glad I have such a supportive team behind me. Its definitely not as daunting as I thought!"

Well done Alecia!