ABC Mahora’s Pirate and Princess Day

20 Jun 2014

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ABC Mahora came dressed in their best pirate and princess clothes, the children were surprised to find a change in the playroom, instead of our normal equipment there was now a princess castle and a pirate cove and pirate ship complete with plank to walk! The centre spent the morning role playing, making our own treasure and maps and lots more.  In the afternoon ABC Mahora had a special party where they had lots of Mums and Dads, Nanas, brothers and sisters and friends come to join them – they had the local librarian come to read them pirate and princess stories and sing a few songs, then they followed some clues round the playground which led them to the sandpit where they dug for buried treasure. ABC Mahora ended the afternoon with a special afternoon tea with princess fairy bread, princess popcorn and a princess castle cake made especially for their party by Romina’s Mum, pirate biscuits, pirate jelly boats, cheerios and fruit.