ABC Hastings Central’s Bottle and Box Auction

23 Jun 2014

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ABC Hastings Central had their annual Bottle and Box Auction last month, it was a really successful evening. The parents and their families came in with their own takeaway dinner, which they ate outside on picnic blankets in our playground area.  After their kai, the staff sung a waiata to the families and the bottle auction begun.  The families also brought in a bottle or box gift wrapped in paper and then brought in some gold coins to bid.  The children and adults enjoyed bidding on the mystery boxes.  One of the highest bids went to a lovely box that had a cup of 2 minute noodles in it. Another adult bid $20.00 and found out that the large box was simply a box of tissues. One of the cutest moments was one of our babies Olivia outbidding her father. Olivia is only 19 months old and loved outbidding her dad, supported by her mother. Afterwards everyone had icecream and looked through the children’s portfolio’s.  We raised $278.00 for our local softball team.